17 October 2011

I'm home!

Sorry I've been M-I-A
But...I'm freaking home now...

Let the games begin.
Many updates to come, now it's time to get caught up
and I totally missed the Olympia
I have a LOT of catching up to do...

02 September 2011

Brain Games

It's all in your head - I've heard that one a lot - and really, it's true. I've come to realize that most of our suffering comes from assumptions and perceptions of things that aren't real. We just think they are - because we assume. That's one thing that's hitting me like a brick on the head this week - who cares what people think, who cares about the haters. People are more worried about what others think of them to pay attention to you, and if they do - screw them, they're either jealous or ignorant.

I feel better.

Now, I am still knees deep into the whole brain-rewire I've been working on. I think this whole competition process starts in the mind. There are people that just get out there and "do" without really taking the time to take it all in and change from the inside out. Yes, I could zombie out to a workout plan and diet and it may get me a pro-card, it may not...but where's the reward in that. I'm changing every day, on the inside. Things I used to struggle with, I have turned into positive by looking at the big picture. I'm changing who I am and becoming a better person with this journey - a more compassionate person. This is what makes the journey to the end result worth it. period.

I really used to envy those who take action to accomplish something - but then I realized, a lot of these people really don't learn anything along the way. There's the contest rebounds, the constant unsatisfaction, the guilt and self pitty, then of course you're right back where you started - taking action to get somewhere because you did it before, and for some reason can't do it now. Well, history repeats itself if we don't learn anything from it right? I know this - I did it for years, unknowingly at the time. I had to learn the lessons before I could execute and stay sane. Gosh, I was so naieve to think that I could just do it and get there without any stopping points or lessons to be learned.

We see it all the time, the girl that goes into a show and takes the whole thing - then says, "oh I've only been working out for a year". Granted, I used to want to be that person - now, not even to save my life.

This is why the brain re-wire is almost a success. I have trained myself to see that there is a grey area, I am aknowledging that there is more to this than just getting a plan and following it, and I am accepting the fact that everything that I have struggled wth, every time I have failed is what is going to make me a champion, a role model and someday someone that can be looked up to - for more than just a status, or a trophy.

29 August 2011


So, lately I've been getting compliments - and hearing from people that I look in shape.


I've realized that with this lifestyle comes a change in perception.

For most people, this is in shape - which is fine, and I guess I would be classified into that category for the normal-average-joe.  For me, I feel as if it's a death sentence....

I won't be happy being average, or just in shape. I want to look the way I want to look - even if that means, having more muscle, being leaner, being judged for using protein 2x a day and eating it like pudding LOL. I don't stinking care.

This is the only "in shape" I want to be. Thankfully, I've conditioned my husband to like MUSCLE - he appreciates a lean physique, and doesn't want me to be skinny fat. Most guys think Jamie is too muscular... seriously, that's only because they're jealous.

So, have I succeeded? Yes I have.
I am in shape - and athletic,

am I Jamie Eason in shape?

But I'm getting there...
one successful day at a time.

17 August 2011

Just a quickie.

I'm alive...

thank god!

Anyways, here's some news - I signed up with Maximum Fitness Consulting headed by Noel Clark.
I started with her YEARS ago, and thought I'd get back to my roots. She has her own company now, and has some GREAT programs. I'm not plugging because she's my coach, but because my program is the bomb...

and I get to pick what I eat.

Yep. A database lets me chose what I want to eat and spits out the amount of each for me. I plan my diet, she gives me the macro's. It's a beautiful thing.

I've officially lost 10# now - I wish I knew how much BF but the 10# looks like 20#. I've maintained if not GAINED more muscle, definitely more strength and with 6 weeks left I'm ready to ROCK AND ROLL.

I haven't added ANY cardio - I've done it sporadically, but nothing serious - so that will change, plus I'm looking at more of a bodyweight based routine since I know I won't build anything while I'm cutting.

Now that I'm on a new schedule, I need to manage my time better - and really work it out this last month. I can't wait to go home and COOK my own food - which I'll be able to do while staying on plan with this program.

So pumped.

There is NEVER a need to eat fish and asparagus and sweet potato for every meal, nor fish for breakfast.

Life is good!!

28 July 2011


This is how I felt yesterday...with my PMS NMA (negative mental attitude)
This is how I feel today. A complete 180...


My finals are two days away, and yes I'm in Iraq. I've learned from my dad that life is what you make of it, and working hard now means living easier down the road, plus I am proud of myself for accomplishing the things that I have. I'm so HAPPY to see the light at the end of the tunnel, because after this month...I'm done with school until next year. HAMMER TIME!!

Yeah, so I'm pretty much pumped. 

Stress had taken it's last choke-hold on me the past two weeks. Basically, work has been a complete circus. Without going into much detail, I am one of TWO people who are doing my job here in Iraq - which means, 12 hour days every single day. There's no time to be sick, and barely enough time to work out. Time management is a blessing - I did learn something in school, and in the Air Force. Regardless, I have been getting nothing but rave reviews for the work I am doing here, for changing lackluster processes and speeding up information flow - but my counterpart is the black sheep. He's lazy, has an excuse for everything and doesn't take responsibility for his actions. For him, this is his first deployment - and my third, but this is my first deployment where everyone around is a much higher rank. Normally on a deployment, you "let loose" - you have fun, joke around - it's like summer camp, but you're with your PEERS. For us enlisted, working around officers means we have to respect authority and follow orders (which we should always do, but it's different within the enlisted rank structure - there's more "wiggle room" to ask questions), and put our best foot forward because they are the "people with the power" and there's a reason they get paid the big bucks - when shit hits the fan, they're taking the heat first...y'know, crap rolls down hill. Anyways, so I am picking up the pieces mid-deployment and moving to the opposite shift. That doesn't mean much to most, but it is going to take impeccable planning for the next few days to get everything in working order. 

This whole situation has taught me a great lesson - you can't help those who don't want to be helped. I've been taught this over, and over but it's never really stuck. I've tried to talk to this kid, and explain how he should behave, and why he should take things more seriously. Then, all I hear is "why isn't he doing this?" and I get complaints about him constantly (which is why they're MAKING me move). For me, I take pride in what I do and how I present myself. I don't know how people can just go about, especially in the military, making a joke out of themselves and not thinking about how it reflects on them. 

I have to make myself understand that people don't value the same things I do - and that's okay, but that is their decision to make, not mine. I was told he asked why I didn't "have his back" when I was asked to talk to him about his performance by my superior (I hate when people think you owe them something just because you worked together), and for me - and for most of you I would assume, the answer is simple. I will stand up for what I believe is right, no personal bias involved. Even if I like you, I won't stand up for you if you're doing something wrong. I have ALWAYS taken that stance, and have lost many friends because of it...but I won't compromise my beliefs, nor my values to "have someones back". 

Wooooh. I feel better, thanks for letting me vent.

SO, add that distress, to complete intestinal issues (it may be TMI, but seriously folks...how do you know if you have IBS because SOMETHING ain't right), no working out because I have been studying my BUTT off...and the joys of being in the suck.

This is the last time I am ALLOWING myself to feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out. Just like MANAGING your eating habits, you also need to manage STRESS just the same. 

I'm combating my stress by being prepared, but also being flexible. I'm sitting here, and planning out the next few days with a rough "sketch" of what they'll look like. When my workout and meal times will be, and what tasks need to get finished/started before I make a complete move to the opposite shift.

I know what's stressing me out, now I just have to fight back.


The final countdown FOR THAT LOOK - no more weight people, go for the look. I want those arms!

Just to info you, my hubs has gained 18 lbs - by HIMSELF. Just working out, and eating - 18lbs in 3 months, thanks to some basic principles of lifting and nutrition. He's "genetically gifted" to say the least.

This is my final countdown here.... about 8 weeks left. I'm at the halfway mark and really, the time is flying right by. 

So, it's time to really kick my booty into high gear and make some SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS.

I have three major Focus Areas these next 8 weeks to get me in line with my goals.
1. Follow a rough nutrition plan & track everything that goes into my mouth for the next 8 weeks
2. Follow a structured workout plan, but allow for flexibility
3. Start incorporating the military calisthenics (pushups & situps) and running into workouts

Focus areas are better for me than goals, because goals are destinations and stopping points. For me, a focus area means consistency for a duration.

Think about it: What are your focus areas? What strategies do you use to manage stress?


27 July 2011

Rock Your Workout!

Check out this weeks workout!

If you're a fan, let me know and I'll keep it going <3

There is No Cure

I heard on Oprah something that I think will stick with me for the rest of my life. 

When it comes to emotional eating, there will never be a cure, it's something that has to be managed.

Seriously, it's that simple folks. 

I think a lot of us jump on this path thinking "once I get there, I'll never have to worry about it again." The IT is the being uncomfortable in our current bodies. I know I did, I was willing to dive into a crash diet just to get the fat off ASAP so I could be done with it, but I know I have to take a different approach.

It was perfect timing to hear that yesterday because it was the first time in a while that I did the eat-for-comfort thing. I had cramps from HELL, and have been under a wee bit of stress lately. Combine that with a lack of working out, and you have the perfect situation for a fat kid takeover.

I didn't think while eating any of it, it was purely to soothe. I enjoyed every bite of it, and then at the end of the day saw that Oprah episode and thought *bingo* this is it! I couldn't manage the stress, or the pain - so I gave it to what I knew would make me feel better aside from curling up in bed with my husband .FOOOD.

It's a simple concept, but takes constant diligence - it's a war within, and there is no winning battle. It can take years to get to a point where it's easier to manage, but the battle will never be won. You have to ACCEPT the fight, each and every day. You have to make a conscious decision, and let go of instant satisfaction and embrace the long term. We have to CONQUER the day, one healthy choice at a time.

For those who are just starting out, start with something simple every day and let it perpetuate from there. Something as simple as taking a fish oil supplement, or multivitamin. Ditching the soda, for water or simply swapping out your normal carbs for a healthier version. It doesn't happen in one day, or a week but it can be done.

For the vets, stop beating yourselves up for choices that you make yourself believe are mistakes. You make the choice, but instead of making an instant choice think about your actions (or inaction) and the latter result.

I'm going to embrace the challenge, and enjoy the war within because it gives me an opportunity every day to win. I can manage the bad habits by acknowledging, and changing my actions but it is a battle of a lifetime.